Watercolor Prints

We have been trying out some new techniques with the hope of combining water color painting and printmaking. The long term plan is to take these techniques back to our alphabet book, “L is for Lithium,” as all things circle back when they circle back.

We did a still life:

three still life print paintings - the same print but different colors underneath - of a rock, some books, and a flower in a cup
Still life with cool rock I found

Then we made an octopus, as expected:

an octopus printed in black over a blue and purple painting of itself
Octopus, As Expected

In progress now, we’re working on a portrait of Deanna herself! We expect this to turn out great, and if it does we’re going to put it on a tote bag, suitable for carrying to a bookstore in Austin, TX:

a blind contour drawing of Deanna, carved and printed on newsprint
Deanna, in progress

This technique is both challenging and forgiving. It forces us to accept happy accidents that might otherwise be considered flaws. Accepting that there might be a mark on the page that didn’t quite look how one intended it to look, and that one might still call that “art” seems to be a disgusting and uncomfortable part of what it means to develop a style.

For better or worse, we made a tiktok:


Always be arting. #lesbianaunt #art #artinspiration #printmaking #watercolor deannas rad t-shirt by @ebonywarriorstudios

♬ original sound – runaroundroom

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