Personal Protective Equipment (Gladys) + Cootie

a plague doctor in hospital scrub blue is surrounded by corona viruses on a yellow background

The Personal Protective Equipment (Gladys) series is one of our favorites because we learned a lot during the process of creation about how we view our projects differently, and how our visions can compliment one another’s.

Deanna’s original concept was two separate pieces, one with the outline of the plague doctor, and one with the silhouette. During an initial black and white test, Liz printed the two plates together, instead of separately.

The universe simultaneously contracted and expanded.

Deanna carved two more blocks, one with the virus shapes inside Gladys’ PPE, and one with the shapes outside.

It was difficult to get a consistent layer of ink on the silhouette during printing, so Liz chose to use a small roller to make a more painterly texture in the background – just a hint of the looming chaos.

Deanna also carved a separate block just for the corona virus. Liz used a special technique called a rainbow roll to create highlights on the print, by lining some bright pink ink up next to the dark purple ink before inking up the roller. We call this piece “Cootie.”


If you enjoy this piece, we still prints available, or you can grab some merch so everyone knows you know there’s still a pandemic.

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