Liz Awesome, Director

twitter: @crockerthoughts
insta: @run_around_room

I am a bisexual space princess sent to Earth to dance and help flowers grow, but it is very broken here. I paint my feelings in the hopes that you’ll feel them, too.

Sometimes I paint when I’m sad because I want you to know it’s ok to be sad. You’re doing your best while the rich get richer. You don’t have to be everything, or have everything, or do everything. You can only do what you can do.

This painting is about how we don’t know how to listen to scientists. I painted a lemon so you would know it was art. As of the date I wrote this, 2.8 million people world wide and my friend Gabriel died of COVID-19.

This is Gabriel’s astral projection. He death was pointless and preventable.

Here’s an under ripe mango I painted in August 2020 when Deanna wasn’t around. May it help you to feel listless, impotent, and desperate enough to work for a change that won’t come unless you do.

And I like to paint flowers.

I try to bring my emotions and brushstrokes to printmaking with Deanna. She carves the images for our prints on wood or lino, and I ink them up and print them. See how the corona viruses are splotchy? Notice how the plague doctor is in scrub blue and not black and white? I did that on purpose because I’m a genius.

a plague doctor in hospital scrub blue is surrounded by corona viruses on a yellow background