Hunter Johnson

Digital Paintings
Twitter: @ShinySilver

black white and gray painting of an air plant
Tillandsia in Black and White

This painting features an unknown T. brachycaulos (air plant) hybrid whose tentacle-like features spiral out from a hanging terrarium. The absence of color emphasizes gradient values within the reflective panes of glass and their metal joinings, while a soft depth of field drowns out background noise and draws the eye inward to the vortex of the painting’s subject.

a bee lingers near a flowering pepper tree
A Bee in the Pepper Tree

Clusters of yellow and white flowers fade in and out of focus as if in a soft breeze, the palette more autumn than spring, hinting of motion and impermanence in an otherwise still moment. Once again, a shallow depth of field is used here, cutting through the excess to spotlight the alighted bee.

painting of Bishop mountain and the nearby desert
Bishop, CA

At a place where the desert touches the feet of the Sierras, golden grasses and a copse of trees are rendered in rough, deliberate strokes. The snow-capped peak rises up, facets warmed by morning, the shadows it casts the same icy blue as the sky.

black, gray, and white painting of a flowering basil plant
Still Life of Flowering Basil

Despite its wide, glossy leaves and decorative potential when allowed to go to flower, basil is not often the focus of artwork in its own right. Here the plant is studied in detail, with special attention given to the ways in which the folds and peaks of its foliage interact with their light source.

paintin gof a succulent plant against a blue sky

The leaves of this succulent (an unidentified Graptopetalum) almost appear to glow. A range of warm and cool colors touch but rarely intermingle; rainbow-like gradients abound against a bold summer sky.