Deanna wanted to do some sea monsters and Liz saw an adorable picture of an axolotl on the internet, and you know how these things go.

Note Deanna’s delicate carving in the piece, it’s really delicate. Deanna can decide that there should be a place where the ink pools or a place where there shouldn’t be any ink at all and can carve differently to get the results she wants.

Liz tried some new things printing the piece, too! Adding glitter to the ink was one failed experiment; however, applying a thick layer of water color pain instead of our oil-based ink produced some very interesting results. Liz was able to control the colors, and it was the perfect technique for this watery image.

print of an axolotl in blue with transluscent watery background

We made artist trading cards of these gents for the shooooow! Here’s we are practicing for our Sac Open Studios Interview!

If you’re lonely and you need a perfect little friend……..

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