Relief print using chine collé on homemade paper.

This piece was created from the block carved by Deanna Norwood to represent the “T” in the upcoming alphabet book “L is for Lithium.” The page in the book will be created quite differently, but we thought the print looked great on homemade paper, glued to an 8″ x 8″ square of archival cotton paper.

The piece is named for the neutral afterlife in ancient Greek mythology. If someone wasn’t bad and sent to Styx or good and sent to the Elysian fields, and just kind of left you abruptly with nothing more than some old voice recordings and a spotify playlist, maybe you can get your lute and go to Asphodel and beg Persephone to return him to you.

She won’t. It just don’t work that way. Your lute playing isn’t that good. Besides, he’s probably started a garden and made some new friends.

We tried something new when we were preparing this piece –

This was a run of 2. If you would like to gaze softly upon this work of art in your own space, navigate to

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