Studio Statement

Liz Awesome is a bisexual space princess sent to earth to save the world. When her spaceship crashed, she created an art studio called “The Run Around Room,” which was definitely nothing so pedestrian as second bedroom in Liz’s midtown Sacramento apartment. Deanna Norwood co-founded the studio as artist-in-residence and tall gen x lesbian. With their super powers combined, they explore queerdom, illness, and loss in their art.

Deanna is inspired by illuminated manuscripts and fine line drawings; Liz likes to explore texture and get angry at Richard Diebenkorn and Cy Twombly on Twitter dot com. After attending printmaking classes at Sac City college in 2018 and 2019, they spent the pandemic furthering their practice.

In 2021, the studio moved to it’s spacious new home; a larger, airier space with natural light (certainly not the living room of Liz’s new condominium in North Sacramento). In this new space, we are exploring new possibilities and collaborations with artists like Hunter Johnson, Scribbles von Rainbow, and Bo Vine.